About Limmud Wien  


What is Limmud?

The creation of Limmud over 30 years ago in Great Britain sprang from a thirst for further education. Since then Limmud has grown steadily. Currently, more than 40,000 people participate worldwide. Limmud (=learning in Hebrew) reflects the diversity of Jewish life. An underlying principle of Limmud is that we are all both learners and teachers. Exchanges at our events inspire participants to engage in discussion and encourage them — both despite and because of their differences — to treat one another with respect.


What does Limmud do in Vienna?

Since 2011, Limmud Vienna has been organized by an international, intergenerational team. Every year, Limmud is held here as a one-day festival that manifests Vienna’s Jewish identity and lends it visibility. Everyone who is interested — whether Jewish or not— is welcome to attend.


What happens at Limmud Vienna?

The program includes about 40 varied presentations and workshops and covers a wide scope of topics. From book and film presentations and inter-religious dialogue to kosher wine tasting, Israeli dance and klezmer — the array of themes is as diverse as the range of participants. The finale is an excellent jazz concert. Between the program items, pauses are scheduled, which provides an excellent opportunity for networking and continuing discussions at the buffet.

The atmosphere at Limmud is infused with openness and tolerance, as everyone meets on equal ground — irrespective of national background, religious roots or political persuasion. Limmud as a movement never follows a religious or political agenda; it sees itself as a forum for mutual understanding and learning.

Limmud is independent and the organizing team and also the presenters are volunteers. Thus, although the costs of holding a Limmud — in comparison with other events — are low, it is funded exclusively by sponsors, donors and entrance fees.